Sunday, August 12, 2007

Die Siener :

Nicolaas Pieter Johannes Janse van Rensburg has a unique position in the history of the Afrikaner, he is considered in cultural and folk lore as a prophet, known in Afrikaans as "Siener van Rensburg"

Now UG will probably want to kick me for posting this, but thing is, not everyone knows the story of the 'Boere Profeet'. I only heard about him some 5 or 6 years back myself, and was pretty intrigued by the story of his escapades during the Anglo Boer War, and the role he played as advisor to Gen Koos De La Rey and the Boer leaders. There has also been a bit of a revival of interest in Siener and his visions, due very likely to the sad situation in South Africa.
But Siener didn't just have 'revelations' about South Africa and the time he was living in, he also had prophecies to do with world events and the future.
What I think is not important, each one makes up his own opinion. Many people swear by Siener's visions, and some of the things he warned about had a freaky way of happening...coincedence..?...maybe..I don't know. Reading anything about him or his visions and trying to interpret them is hard work (like reading a thesis in Alt Deutsch), and nigh impossible if you don't read and understand 'hoog' Afrikaans, but this documentary explains it all pretty well.

We all like a good mystery movie with a bit of the esoteric thrown in for some funky vibes, so without further adoooo..I present to you South Africas answer to the Da Vinci Code, a revelation from the past..? the guiding light for the present and future..?...words of hope and encouragement for the Volk, well, shucks..I hope so, they sure could do with some!..Love it or leave it...
I look forward to your comments as usual...! Grüße DR